About Jean louis sabaji

The Night Lili

Couture - Fall Winter/2020 


“The Fall-Winter 2020 collection is inspired by the storm goddess, Lilith, who grew wings liberating herself from an unwanted destiny. The first woman who had reclaimed power, therefore made a notorious revolution.
I want to celebrate Women and their potency by reinterpreting Lilith's story with a mind set free to represent a myth in all its glory.  I had experimented design with wings, feathers, snake prints and vibrant colors; thus, here is the story of a woman, a Goddess who grieved but then gathered up to stand tall and gorgeous again as the symbol of empowerment.”
The pieces relate a tale that depicts the freedom of a woman in her ever-changing silhouette.
The embroidery is masterful, influenced by a mythical creature that metamorphosed into a fierce independent power.
The ultimate element of the collection is the laser-cut oversized feather-shaped PVC which was handcrafted then hand-painted with imagination and insight by the finest artisans of the Jean-Louis Sabaji Atelier- taking on up to 200 hours per piece.
Pheasant feathers are used in black, albino and natural color, intricately hand-stitched, outline the woman's curve line.
High-end stones and crystals embellished gowns epitomize a shield protecting the woman's body.
The color palette varies from black to bold and vibrant colors end with a series of whites, which characterize the makeover of a woman.
Volumes fluctuate from body hugging silhouettes to sculptural overskirts and are crafted from sheer fabrics, raffia threads and silk taffeta.
She is the Jean-Louis Sabaji woman: Deific AND Fiery.